Monday, June 2, 2008

Charlie Watts

Charles Robert "Charlie" Watts (born 2 June 1941) is the drummer of The Rolling Stones. He is also a jazz bandleader and commercial artist. Watts is sometimes referred to as "The Wembley Whammer" when introduced by Mick Jagger during a concert.There are many instances where Jagger and Richards have lauded Watts as the key member of the Rolling Stones. Richards went so far as to say in a 2005 Guitar Player magazine interview that the Rolling Stones would not be, or could not continue as the Rolling Stones, without Watts. An example of Watts' importance was demonstrated in 1991 when Bill Wyman left the band after years of deliberation. After auditioning several bassists, Jagger and Richards asked Watts to choose the new bass player; he selected the respected session musician Darryl Jones, who was a sideman to both Miles Davis and Sting. In business, Watts, along with Richards and Jagger, owns a piece of the Rolling Stones corporate entities, something that does not apply to Mick Taylor, Ronnie Wood or even Bill Wyman.

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