Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kamal Ganzouri

Kamal Ganzouri (Arabic: كمال الجنزورى‎, IPA: [kæˈmæːl elɡænˈzuːɾi]) (born January 12, 1933) is an Egyptian economist who became Prime Minister-Designate of Egypt in November 2011. He served as Prime Minister from 1996 to 1999. He came to power in 1996 succeeding Atef Sedki, and was in turn succeeded by Atef Ebeid in 1999. He was branded Minister of the Poor and the Opposition Minister because of his way of dealing with limited income people and the opposition. Before becoming Prime Minister, Ganzouri served as Minister of Planning and International Cooperation. On 24 November 2011, Egypt's military rulers appointed him as Prime Minister. He was sworn in and took office on 7 December 2011. Kamal Ganzouri was born on 12 January 1933 in Garwan, a town in Bagor city in Monofia. He obtained a PhD at Michigan State University, United States and began teaching at Egyptian universities and training institutes in 1959. After Essam Sharaf resigned as Prime Minister of Egypt on 21 November 2011, Supreme Council of the Armed Forces appointed Ganzouri to form a new coalition government on 24 November. He formed his "Salvation Government" on 3 December 2011 and was sworn in on 7 December. The military leadership stated as the cabinet was being sworn in that it has transferred him all presidential powers, with the exception of affairs related to the judiciary and the military.

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