Friday, February 17, 2012

Michaele Salahi

Michaele Salahi (née Michelle Ann "Missy" Holt) (born October 1, 1965) is an American self-proclaimed model and socialite. The Oakton, Virginia, native is a very active member of the Washington, D.C., social scene. She graduated from Oakton High School in 1983.

She and her estranged husband, Tareq, are founders of America's Polo Cup. They have also been the alleged owners and residents of the Oasis Winery near Hume, Virginia.

Michaele is the daughter of Howard A. Holt Jr. and Rosemary (née O'Malley) of Fairfax, Virginia. She attended, but did not graduate from, King's College.

Michaele was a sales girl and make-up artist at Nordstrom. She met Tareq in 2000 at a party thrown by McLean, Virginia, real estate broker N. Casey Margenau and his wife Molly.

In September 2011, Michaele's husband Tareq reported her missing and kidnapped after she disappeared and was not at her mother's home as she claimed to be. However, Michaele was located within days and admitted she had run off with Neal Schon, guitarist for Journey, and intended to leave Tareq for good. Michaele had had a prior relationship with Schon, who at this point was two months into a new marriage which he stated he was leaving to be with Michaele. Tareq responded by filing for divorce from Michaele on September 16th

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