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Rielle Hunter

Rielle Hunter born Lisa Jo Druck on March 20, 1964, is an American actress and film producer. She is known for having had an affair with and conceiving a child with 2004 Democratic Party vice-presidential nominee John Edwards. She is said to be the basis of a character in a Jay McInerney novel, and she was an early adopter of YouTube as a means of distributing political viral marketing. Her father was implicated in a horse insurance fraud scandal, which involved the intentional killing of her horse when she was a teenager.

Druck was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Her parents, James Druck (1934–1990) and Gwen Druck, owned Eagle Nest Farm in Ocala, Florida, where they raised show horses. They had four daughters. James Druck was a wealthy lawyer with his own private airplane, who specialized in defending insurance companies.

Druck went to St. John Lutheran School and North Marion High School in Ocala. After high school, Druck attended the University of Tampa, but she transferred after 2 years to the University of Florida. In her junior year she withdrew from UF to move to New York City to pursue an acting career.

The story was written by William Nack, and in the third paragraph, he wrote: "Burns' preferred method of killing horses was electrocution. It had been so ever since the day in 1982 when, he says, the late James Druck, an Ocala, Florida, attorney who represented insurance companies, paid him to kill the brilliant show-jumper Henry the Hawk, on whose life Druck had taken out a $150,000 life insurance policy."

Henry the Hawk was owned and shown by Druck's daughter, Lisa Druck -- who has just now emerged as the femme fatale in the sordid John Edwards affair. She had changed her name to Rielle Hunter years ago. She had had her share of love affairs over the years, including one with best-selling author McInerney, who did a roman à clef on Lisa's journey titled "Story of My Life," in which the character patterned after her, Alison Poole, was described by McInerney in a 2005 magazine story as "an ostensibly jaded, cocaine-addled, sexually voracious 20-year-old who was, shall we say, inspired by Lisa." (Source- ESPN)

Lisa Druck married attorney Alexander M. "Kip" Hunter III (born April 14, 1959) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on August 3, 1991, and they moved from New York to establish a new home in Beverly Hills, California. She changed her name to Rielle Hunter in 1994.

In 2006, Hunter had pitched the idea of a series of short informal campaign videos to Democrat John Edwards when she met him at a bar in New York, where he was attending a business meeting. The Edwards campaign soon hired her to produce a series of promotional videos portraying behind-the-scenes life on the campaign trail and Hunter filmed and produced four of these short videos for the 2008 presidential campaign of John Edwards.

In October 2007, The National Enquirer, a US tabloid, cited claims by an anonymous source that Edwards had engaged in an extramarital affair with Hunter during Edwards's 2008 presidential campaign and that Hunter was pregnant. After a report by the National Enquirer on December 19, 2007, Hunter announced she was pregnant with the child of Andrew Young, a married man who is a former staffer for John Edwards' presidential campaign. Young, his wife Cheri, and their young children were living outside of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, at the time in the same "Governor's Club" complex where Hunter was renting. Soon afterward, the Youngs and Hunter moved to California.

On February 27, 2008, Hunter, at age 43, gave birth to a daughter in Santa Barbara, California, but did not list the child's father's name on the birth certificate. She gave her own name as "Rielle Jaya James Druck" on her daughter's birth certificate, but gave the child the surname "Hunter".

In July 2008, The National Enquirer claimed that Edwards was the father of Hunter's child. On August 8, Edwards admitted the affair, but denied that he was the father of Hunter's child and stated that he was willing to take a paternity test. The Washington Post reported that Robert Gordon (Hunter's attorney) stated that she had refused to allow a DNA test to establish paternity "now or in the future." However, Hunter's sister had publicly asked Edwards to take a paternity test to verify whether the child is his or not.

On August 12, 2008, a friend of Hunter's, Pigeon O'Brien, told CBS News that Edwards had lied about the time line of the affair. She claimed that the affair began in February 2006, six months before Edwards hired Hunter, and said that the affair was not a brief liaison, but a mutual, committed relationship based on love, or so Edwards led Hunter to believe. On August 13, 2008, Hunter's sister, Roxanne Druck Marshall, personally apologized to John Edwards's wife Elizabeth for her sister's behavior. She also claimed that Edwards had lied in his confession because, she claimed, the affair had been ongoing. (Source: CBS)

On January 21, 2010, Edwards admitted publicly that he is the father of Hunter's daughter Quinn

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