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Elsa Irma Aguirre Juárez

Elsa Irma Aguirre Juárez (born September 25, 1930) is a Mexican actress of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. She is considered as one of the belle divas of the Cinema of Mexico. The actress Alma Rosa Aguirre is her sister. Elsa Aguirre was born in Chihuahua City, in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico in 1930. Her family was characterized by its discipline, due to the fact that her father was in the military. Elsa was a very shy girl but nobody imagined that this timid girl would become one of the most sensual actresses of the Mexican cinema. Her siblings are: Hilda, Mario, Alma Rosa and Jesus.

The beginning of Aguirre's career was fortuitous. She was discovered when she was teenager, in a beauty contest held by a cinematographic production company called CLASA Films Mundiales, which was looking for new talent. Thus, she and her sister Alma Rosa were chosen to appear in their first film called El sexo fuerte in 1945, directed by Emilio Gómez Muriel. Since then, Elsa Aguirre has starred in many types of films such as drama, romance, action, fiction, etc. throughout her career. Elsa Aguirre appeared with her sister Alma Rosa in some of her films.

One of her most unforgettable films is Algo flota sobre el agua (1947) directed by Alfredo B. Crevenna, in which she starred with Arturo de Córdova. Elsa’s beauty inspired a song called Flor de azalea, composed by Zacarías Gómez Urquiza and Manuel Esperón exclusively for her. This song was the soundtrack of this film.

Other films considered among her best are:

Cuidado con el amor (1954) directed by Miguel Zacarías, and co-starring Pedro Infante and Eulalio González “Piporro”.
Vainilla, bronce y morir (Una mujer más) (1956) directed by Rogelio A. González, co-starring Ignacio López Tarso.
Pancho Villa y la Valentina (1958) directed by Ismael Rodríguez and co-starring Pedro Armendáriz.
Ama a tu prójimo (1958) directed by Tulio Demicheli, also starring her sister Alma Rosa and Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”, among other productions.

Elsa Aguirre also has appeared in theatre, television series and singing in live shows.

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