Tuesday, January 22, 2013

David Gunness

David W. "Dave" Gunness (born November 7, 1960) is an American audio engineer, electrical engineer and inventor known for his work on loudspeaker design, especially high-output professional horn loudspeakers for public address, studio, theater, nightclub, concert and touring uses.
Gunness worked with Electro-Voice in Michigan for 11 years, filing three patents related to horn technology. He worked at Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) in Massachusetts for 12 years, filing three patents in the process of creating a wide variety of loudspeaker products. For EAW, Gunness developed "Gunness Focusing"—a system for decreasing temporal response distortion in loudspeakers, involving the processing of the audio signal before it reaches the loudspeaker drivers, applying a reverse image of the expected distortion to cancel out the loudspeaker's idiosyncrasies.
Gunness co-founded Fulcrum Acoustic in 2008: a loudspeaker company with the aim of designing loudspeakers based on digital signal processing (DSP), innovative components and high quality construction.

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